Community Development

As a leader I have no doubt that your greatest desire, aside from maintaining a functional and sustainable community, is to provide your people with a sense of belonging and valuable contribution.

But, are you and your leadership team properly equipped to cater to the vast needs of each individual?

Have you been told to do your best to simply meet the needs of the majority and the rest will find their place?

How many individuals are “falling through the cracks” of your community’s foundation?

After many years of being involved in Church, athletics and university community I have come to realise that leaders are being expected to do far too much and the community suffers as a result.

The time is far past and it is now up to you – the leader – to take ownership for your community’s well being and charge your people to own their power! Each and every person has a unique purpose and passion that is just waiting to be unleashed for the good of the community and it is up to you to support them.

Most people are completely unaware of the powerful impact that they already have on the people around them – so just imagine what can happen when your entire community/team is given the opportunity to get clarity on:

who they are…

what their purpose is…

and what they are passionate about…

When you get a purpose driven community you get a community of authentic power! Everyone living with honesty and compassion because they are able to offer who they truly are to each person they come in contact with.

How many people are serving your community because they feel they HAVE TO rather than because they truly WANT TO? That is the difference that I can help you build. A community of passion rather than a community of obligation.

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