Purpose, Identity and living out of Authentic Power

Sit for a moment and think about your day or past week. Seriously, do it and ask yourself these questions:

  • What did I succeed at?
    • Why did I succeed?
  • What did I fail at?
    • Why did I fail?
  • Do I feel worn out?
  • Do I feel inspired?
  • Do I feel loved?
  • Do I feel worthy?
  • Did I represent my true self to the world?

I have you ask these questions of yourself because the majority of us never take the time to truly assess our contributions to the world. Rather, we coast along and hope that we are doing good enough to avoid despair.

But that is not how life works and that’s not how it was ever intended to work. Life is less linear and more cyclical. It has far more flow to it than it does schedule and routine. Even if you are a super planner and a creature of habit – if you ask yourself those questions above I am certain that you will see areas of your day or week that required more adaptability. And if you can honestly say that your week was perfectly routine then you are likely delusional or you have absolutely no interaction with others humans in any kind of meaningful way.

Life requires adaptability. Without it you become completely self involved and offer no positive contribution to the world around you. Why? Because we are a relational species. Everything we do requires the support of someone else. Yes, even if all you do is operate on a computer, watch youtube all day and stream your video games to Twitch you are still interacting with other humans because you are using many different things that your fellow human created.

Your capacity to contribute to the oneness of humanity and creation is foundational to your fulfilment and joy in this temporal human experience.

So, think back once again to how you answered those questions above. If you didn’t actually take the time to answer them – stop reading forward and go back and actually take the time to reflect on your week. Do it now!

Don't be a consumer of knowledge!


Ok, now really focus in on the last four questions:

  • Do I feel inspired?
  • Do I feel loved?
  • Do I feel worthy?
  • Did I represent my true self to the world?


Were you able to say YES to all four? Maybe two of the four? Ok, how ‘bout just one of the four?

I’m asking a trick question here because, from my personal and professional experience of working with countless people in the area of personal and spiritual development, if you can’t say YES to the last question then you won’t be able to say YES to any of them.

This is one of the most important outcomes I’ve come to understand about human growth:

Without clarity of purpose and identity you will always feel like you are missing the point of living.

This growth principle doesn’t care who you are, how much money you have, if you’re married or single, overweight or skinny, it just does not care. Whatever perceived success you may have in this world if you do not know who you are and what purpose you are on earth for you will always have a sense of longing for more.

When you know who you are and what your purpose is you can feel inspired all the time. You can feel loved in every moment. You can feel worthy regardless of worldly success or failure because your fulfilment and joy is dependent on your inherent and eternal value given to you by God.

Some people won’t want to use the noun God and that’s okay. Use divine, or the source, or the universe whatever you’d like but in order to truly step into your truest self, I believe, you will need to acknowledge the presence of God in the universe. Why?

Because that deep longing that we all experience has to have a source. You don’t long for something or someone that you do not already know in some way. I cannot long to own a lake front cabin if I have not seen or experienced one already and cherished that time that I spent there. The same is true for us as humans.

You can study all of human history and find evidence of this deeply rooted longing for something more. All the religions of the world tell us that humanity is desperate to know its purpose and though the atheists may suggest that they don’t believe in a higher power their efforts in science continue to show otherwise. The Big Bang Theory is evidence of the highest order that a divine creator must exist because the theory tells us that there was an ultimate beginning and before that there was nothing.

Humanity’s search for clarity of purpose is foundational to our story.

What does this mean for you?

It means that your most important task in this life is to find clarity of identity and purpose because without it you cannot live life as your truest self. And if you can’t live with total authenticity then you will forever feel unfulfilled and have an insatiable hunger for something more. That something more being a relationship with God and a clear understanding of His purpose for your unique life.

When you can get that relationship and clarity you become unstoppable. Unstoppable in an incredibly positive way. In a way that does the maximum amount of good for the maximum amount of people because you are living out God’s purpose for your life.

If it’s God’s purpose then it is a perfect embodiment of divine love and divine love conquers all and provides perfect healing for the world. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of life that we all long for? A life that is loving towards all and directs people towards their creator so that we can all feel that fulfillment and joy that we have longed for for our whole lives!

That is what happens when you find your purpose and identity. It allows your to live out of authentic power! A power that is all love and represents the God of the universe with perfection.

I have been blessed to find this relationship with God and get clarity around my purpose and identity as a result. It has become my mission to help as many people as I possibly can to find this same fulfillment and joy! Your purpose won’t look identical to mine but that’s the beauty of life. We are all created uniquely.

If you want to pursue clarity of purpose and deepen your relationship with God then please contact me directly at jason@purposebeyondreligion.com

Go and revisit those question that I had you answer earlier and if you couldn’t answer YES to those questions you need to take action and send me an email immediately. Start the conversation. Live in the growth mindset and expect that God has something special in store for you in this life. You can also scroll to the bottom of this page and find links to my social pages and direct message me on there.

If you are living in frustration, despair, confusion, anger, etc – that is messed up and it is not how your life is meant to be. God created you for something so much more!

Much Love, Jason